We are specialists in fire and smoke damages
Smoke can be very dangerous if you don’t contact any specialist to properly solve the situation and rescue your property from the impurities that smoke contains. Most fire deaths are not caused by burns, but by smoke inhalation. As a fire grows inside your place, it will often consume most of the available oxygen, slowing the burning process. Smoke is made of components that can be lethal in its own way; these components are particles, vapors, and toxins. If you are dealing with smoke damage, you should call us right away. Our team is trained to restore and clean all the damage that this incident could cause.

The sooner you start the restoration process, the lower the level of damage to the property will be. The way you clean smoke damage is as important as how fast you do it. If you do it incorrectly without the proper knowledge and expertise, your property can be taint with unpleasant odors forever. Your best option is contact professionals that will help you with the right equipment and training necessary. There is never a convenient time for smoke damage to strike your home or business and that’s why we offer a 24/7 service to assist you at any time. We’ll rescue your property as quickly and cost-effective possible.

Fire and smoke damage can leave your place unsafe and unlivable for days or even months at a time. Although the smoke damage is more superficial, smoke can leave a whole mess around your property followed by a very disagreeable odor. In order to rescue your home or business, we provide the following services:

 24/7 Emergency service.
 Inspection and evaluation of your property to detect all the damage caused.
 Remove acidic smoke and soot from the affected surfaces.
 Odor remediation.
 Clean and deodorize all the appliances and belongings affected.
 Complete smoke damage restoration.
 And more…

You need expert help from restoration specialists ready to partner with you to help any potential interruption to your home or business. As smoke and fire damage restoration experts, we have the knowledge about the chemical combinations that effectively clean and save your property and belongings. It is vital that you contact us as soon as possible. After a fire, residual smoke may burn as well, causing etching or chemical burning. The more time passes after the damage, the greater the damage will be.

Fire losses are complicated to address as they can result in a variety of difficulties such as stubborn odor, soot damage, water damage, corrosion and destruction of your property and belongings. Even a small fire can cause severe damages and you need to have professional assistance to repair and rescue your home or business. Our staff is fully licensed and has years of experience in restoring properties to a pre-loss condition and eradicating all traces of smoke damage.

Quick tips for after a fire and smoke damage:
• After the incident, the first thing that you need to do is contact us and also your insurance agency.
• Make sure that you have permission from the fire experts before entering to your property. Your safety is first.
• Wear a protective mask over your mouth and nose to prevent inhaling any toxins.
• Don’t clean any household textiles, carpets or furniture because you can cause irreparable damage. Wait for our team, we’ll help you.
• Don’t wipe the walls, our team uses a specific product that will effectively clean all the smoke and soot from the surfaces affected.

If you need more information about our service, call us at 469 298 10 30 and we’ll answer all your questions. Don’t attempt to do anything by yourself without the assistance of an expert. These situations are very complicated and you can make everything worse if you don’t have the experience and knowledge required. We are here for you; we are trained and ready to help you at any time that you need us.