We will make your property safe again
We understand the impact that flooding can have on your home or business. We can quickly and efficiently assess the damage and guide you during the entire process to advise you on what action needs to be taken to get your property clean, tidy and operational again. All types of water damage require professional attention to minimizing further losses. Moisture problems come fast and sometimes the difference between a simple restoration and complex replacement can be determined in a few hours. It is important that you call us immediately after the emergency, we’ll arrive as soon as possible and we’ll rescue your home or business completely.

Flooding is a very unpleasant experience that involves a lot of work. Even if you are on your own and you manage to dry out all the water, there will still be damage to your structure, furniture, appliances, and dangerous mold growth that can be a serious problem in the future. You may think that if you clear the water is all done, but the truth is that a flooding damage requires a deeper care and inspection. Don’t hesitate and call us, we can tell you if your home is safe and free of future damages. Our wide range of flood cleanup services includes:

 24/7 Emergency service
 Removing the remaining water
 Cleaning and disinfecting the surfaces affected
 Drying, cleaning and disinfecting of all your belongings, appliances and furniture affected
 Mold prevention procedures
 And more…

Flooding is one of the most disastrous events that can occur impromptu in your home or business. Whether the source of the flooding is rising river water, storm damage, a broke pipe or other causes, the consequences can be very severe for the structure of your property. As soon as you call us, our team will be in your place in a matter of 30 min and they’ll start working immediately to mitigate the damage and begin the process to rescue your property as quickly as possible.

After a flood emergency, there are many things to taking care that could be very overwhelming for you. Flood repair is more complicated that other water damage since it may be more extensive and the water includes raw sewage. Our team has the experience, expertise, and equipment to properly remove all the contaminants that can affect your health. We’ll start using a full range of water extraction, cleaning, deodorizing, dehumidification and mold remediation for a complete and professional flood repair. Our goal is to make this process easier for you to handle and deal with all the hard work for you. We’ll give you the peace of mind that you need it.

ECI Emergency is here to helping you to get your property back to the way it was before the disaster. Our team can solve all types of incidents, including flood damage, fire damage, sewage damage and mold damage. No matter what kind of disaster you are experiencing, we are here for you. Call us at 469 298 10 30 and we’ll give all the information that you may need. It is vital that you have professional assistance during this period, don’t risk the safety of your home with an inexperienced service. Contact us!