We protect your business
Water, flood, fire and smoke damage can cause devastating losses to you and your business. When water damage or a flood happens is important that you call us immediately to prevent future damage and rescue your property as soon as possible. We provide a fast, effective, professional and efficient response to your problem. Commercial properties require a special attention, more sophisticated inspection and professional techniques for drying and restoring. We have the expertise, experience, and equipment that you’ll need in this moment of your life.

Water damage can happen at any time to any building structure. These types of incidents are caused by broken pipes, rain storms, faulty appliances, humidity, slow leaks, etc. And can lead to bacterial contamination or mold growth if you don’t clean properly. After our team has finished with the cleaning and drying process, they’ll repair all the areas, appliances and belongings that have suffered water damage. Our commercial restoration services include:

 Water extraction
 Water mitigation
 Structural drying
 Structural repair
 Content cleaning and restoration
 Mold mitigation
 Flood cleaning
 Flood damage restoration
 Fire and smoke damage restoration
 Sprinkler damage cleaning and restoration
 Direct billing Insurance
 And more…

Our team is trained and fully insured to provide you with the best service that will fulfill your needs and exceed your expectations. We’ll work hard to get your business back quickly and efficiently. We understand the importance to keep your business running and that’s why we provide a 24/7 emergency service that can assist you at any time that you need it. Water damage can quickly diminish the value of your property and pose health hazards to your tenants and clients. The consequences of water damage can include:

Mold growth: After water damage increases the possibility to have mold growth. This contaminant compromises the structural integrity of your building and lowers the quality of indoor air causing serious health risks.

Foundation damage: The excess of moisture can flood basements or permeate the foundation.

Roof damage: Moss and debris on a roof, as well as clogged gutters, can cause water to pool or linger for prolonged periods and promote the mold growth and mildew.

Materials damage: Excess moisture causes metals to corrode and other materials to deteriorate.

Property losses: Water damage can destroy your carpets, appliances, and other belongings that were affected.

If you are looking for specialized, professional and immediate service for your commercial water damage, call us at 469 298 10 30 and we’ll respond instantly to help you. We’ll restore your business to a good and safe condition as soon as possible.